How to choose an urn

Check urn dimensions if it will fit inside the columbarium or niche

There is no standard size for columbarium niches in the Philippines. Each of these columbariums have varying sizes so it's better to check with your columbarium salesperson to make sure your urn will fit inside.

Returned items because of incorrect projection of urn dimensions or urn capacity needed for the ashes by the client will not be permitted for return as per our return policy.

Check the capacity of the urn

The capacity of an urn should be able to fit the ashes of the deceased. A good rule of thumb to follow is 1 pound = 1 cubic inch.

Returned items because of incorrect projection of urn dimensions or urn capacity needed for the ashes by the client will not be permitted for return as per our return policy.

Check the material of the urn

Cremation urns are made from a variety of materials and come in various designs and shapes. Please make sure to check each of the urns' material to be well informed of its pros and cons.

Change of mind as reason for return will not be permitted for as per our return policy.

Check the aesthetic of the urn

To pay tribute to your loved one, the aesthetic should honor the personal wishes of the deceased. However, if this remains unknown, you may choose a design that would reflect his or her personality - something that would bring them peace.

Shipping and Delivery

Do you do same-day deliveries? (SDD)

Yes, for orders shipped to Metro Manila we offer same day delivery.

Orders placed by 3:00PM on weekdays will be delivered by 6:00PM on the same day. Orders placed on weekends or after 3:00PM on weekdays will be delivered on the next business day.

If you are located near Metro Manila and would like to see if we can provide same day delivery, please contact our customer service by email at sara.cremationurns@gmail.com or +639682948812.

How quickly can I get my order and how much will it cost?

We charge a shipping fee, depending on the location:

  • Store Pickup: FREE
  • Within Metro Manila: Php 150
  • Provincial: Php 200

Samsara Designs items as a special promotion, we offer FREE shipping nationwide for all Samsara Designs items.

Within Metro Manila we ship using Lalamove, Grab, Gogoxpress and your order should arrive within one to three business days.

Provincial we ship using GOGOxpress or LBC depending on availability of courier for your location and your order should arrive within three to seven business days.

Any delivery date or time specified by us is an estimate only, and we will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by you resulting from any delays in delivery.

Where are you located? operating hours?

We are located in San Juan City, Metro Manila. We are open for online orders from 9:00AM to 9:00PM daily Monday to Sunday. Store visits by appointment only.

I want to view the urns personally and not transact online, how can i do so?

To offer you a pleasant experience by avoiding overcrowding in our store, please book an appointment with us ahead of time. You may book a store visit here.

Can i pick up personally or can i book my own courier?

Yes, you may pick up your order personally or book your own courier by simply choosing "Store Pick Up" as your shipping method. 

Can i pay in cash when i pick up personally?

Yes, you may pay in cash and pick up personally. Just place an order and choose "Cash Upon Pickup" for payment method and "Store Pick Up" for shipping method.

Can i book a lalamove pabili service to pay cash on my behalf?

Due to the monetary value of the item, we don't allow third party couriers to pay in cash on behalf of you.

Which countries can you deliver to?

We can only deliver within the Philippines for now.

Can I change the delivery address once my order has been sent?

Unfortunately not, so please make sure you provide a suitable delivery address.


Why is my Order Cancelled?

In most cases, your order cancelled because your payment was not successfully received after 48 hours.

What methods of payment does Sara Urns PH take?

Sara Cremation Urns PH accepts Paypal, GCash, Maya, BDO-Instapay, Metrobank-Instapay.

Can I put the cremains directly into the urn without a plastic bag? If not, does Sara Urns PH provide plastic bags for cremains?

We strongly suggest you to put the cremains in a sealed plastic bag first before placing inside the urn to prevent spillage. Usually, crematoriums already place the cremains inside a sealed plastic bag after cremation. If you are in need of a plastic bag to place the ashes in, we suggest contacting your funeral home to request one.

Can I travel with my urn / ship out the cremains of my loved ones?

It is suggested by the US Customs that you purchase a temporary or permanent crematory container made of a lighter weight material, such as wood or plastic to be able to facilitate a smooth xray screening. For more information, please check this website.

We have available Wood Urns in Sara Urns PH.

Can Sara Urns PH transfer ashes from one container to another on my behalf?

Unfortunately, Sara Urns PH does not transfer ashes for now. Please contact the nearest funeral home or crematorium.